Deal's value

The value assigned to a deal in neetoCRM signifies the total monetary compensation associated with that particular deal. neetoCRM supports multiple currencies, allowing users to input deal values in their respective country currencies. This feature proves invaluable for forecasting upcoming revenues and reflecting on past results

There are two ways to add or update a deal's value within neetoCRM.

The first approach involves using the Add deal or Edit deal form, where users can manually input the desired deal value and currency at the time of deal creation/updation.

The second method is through the use of products. When products are added to a deal, the deal's value is automatically updated based on the combined value of the added products. Additionally, the deal's currency is synchronized with the currency of the product. Once a product is added to a deal, then that is given preference and you would not be able to update the deal's value through the "Add/Edit deal" form.

In cases where multiple products with the same currency are added to a deal, the deal's value is the sum of the values of all the included products. However, if products with different currencies are added, the deal's currency and value are determined by the latest product added. The values of previously added products are updated to 0, and their currencies are adjusted to match the currency of the most recently added product to the deal. This ensures that the deal's value and currency accurately reflect the most recent product inclusion.

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