Overdue tasks

In neetoCRM, tasks are added for performing activities on scheduled dates or times. You have the flexibility to include both a due date and a due time when adding tasks, although neither of these fields is mandatory. The platform employs a systematic approach to task monitoring, with periodic checks every half an hour to assess whether incomplete tasks have been fulfilled as per their specified due date or due time. In cases where tasks remain incomplete past their scheduled deadline, they are automatically marked as overdue.

For example, if a task includes both a due date (e.g., January 20, 2023) and a due time (e.g., 5:15 PM), neetoCRM checks the completion status at 5:30 PM on the specified date. If the task remains incomplete, it is marked as overdue.

If only a due date is added to a task, the system checks for completion at midnight on that date.

Tasks that have only the due time without a due date are exempt from overdue considerations, as the absence of a date allows for flexibility in scheduling without the risk of being marked overdue.

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