Automation rules

Automation rules in neetoCRM serve as a powerful tool to streamline processes by automating specific actions based on predefined conditions. These rules consist of three essential components: events, conditions, and actions.

Currently, neetoCRM supports automation rules for leads and deals. You can set up conditions to check various parameters such as name, email, owner, status, and more. Multiple conditions can be added to ensure a comprehensive and precise automation setup.

For example, let's consider a scenario where an organization wants to automate lead assignment based on geographical location. The automation rule event could be lead creation, and the conditions might include the lead's address or region. If a lead meets the specified conditions, actions like assigning an owner based on the region or adding a relevant tag can be executed automatically.

Various actions are supported within automation rules, offering flexibility in shaping workflows. You can add notes, send emails, add tags, assign owners, and more.

Note that if no conditions are specified, actions will be directly triggered. While at least one action is mandatory, users have the flexibility to include multiple actions for a more comprehensive automation setup.

Additionally, automation rules can be marked as either active or inactive, ensuring that only active rules are considered in the automation process. This feature allows users to manage and control the execution of automation rules effectively.

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