Overdue tasks

  • Tasks are added in neetoCRM to perform an activity on schedule date or time.

  • In neetoCRM we have 2 options on tasks ie due date and due time . Both the fields are not mandatory.

  • Every half an hour we check if incomplete tasks are completed or not as per due date or due time. If not then we mark task as overdue.

  • For instance if you have added both due date and due time ie 20 Jan 2023 and 5.15 PM then at 5.30 on 20th Jan we would be checking if task is completed or not. If not completed then it would be marked as overdue.

  • Similarly if you have added only date on task then on midnight it would check if task is completed or not.

  • If you add only due time on tasks then those tasks would not be considered for overdue since date is not present and due time can be on any day.

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