Tasks details

  • Task are used to schedule a followup or activity, for example if you need to connect with a lead after 2 days then you can create a task with details and due date. You would then be able to see this task in your pending task list. This helps you schedule your activities for coming days and don't get it missed.

  • By default the person creating a task is assigned as task owner. You can update the task owner if you want to assign the task to someone else.

  • If task reminders are enabled then task owner receives reminder email. Also task owner would see their tasks in My pending tasks list.

  • Task Types:

    • Go to Settings -> Manage tasks -> Types

    • There are two task types which are system generated and not editable ie followup and meeting. You can add your custom task type such as call, email, lunch etc.

    • While adding a task you will get option to select task type from above options.

  • Task Outcomes:

    • Go to Settings -> Manage tasks -> Outcomes

    • There are three task outcomes which are system generated and not editable ie Interested, not interested and no response. You can add your custom task outcome.

    • While marking a task as completed you get an option to add task outcome from above options.

  • We have three default option for tasks ie

    • My pending tasks: As name suggests, overdue and incomplete tasks in which you are the owner would be displayed in this list. List is arrange with overdue tasks followed by incomplete tasks as per their due date and due time.

    • All tasks: Tasks in which you are an owner or not, all would be displayed. Tasks with all statuses ie overdue, incomplete and completed are displayed in this list.

    • My completed tasks: Only your completed tasks would show up here.

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