Pipeline and stages view for deals

  • We have two views for deals, one is normal list view and second is board view which we also call it as pipeline and stages view.

  • Besides Add new deal button you can select deals view.

  • Your preferred view is saved and whenever you comeback on deals page then preferred view is shown.

  • At a time only one pipeline deals would show. We can select pipeline for which we want deals to be visible. Besides Filter option on top-right we can select pipeline. Also we have option to edit or create a new pipeline.

  • All deals of selected pipeline would be segregated based on pipeline stages. There would be stages column in which respective stage deals would be present.

  • Deals are present in form of cards which are movable ie if you want to update stage of a deal then you can just drag and drop deal card from one stage to another. Similarly you can change position of deal's card by drag and drop within similar stage or different stage.

  • You can see incomplete tasks count present on deal's card. If no tasks are present then you can create a task with add option on deal's card.

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