User score functionality

  • Leads get created through different sources like neetoCRM, neetoForm, API hit, etc. Many times owner is not attached to this new lead.

  • Hence a user is selected and assigned as an owner of the new lead. The selection of a user as an owner is done through user scores. User score functionality was introduced to distribute equal leads among users to work on.

  • Whenever an owner is assigned to a lead, then the user score of that that user increments by 1.

    The least-scored user is then picked up for the assignment. If there are more than 1 users with the same score then leads are assigned to them randomly in round robin method.

  • If lead is reassigned to a new user then the new user score gets incremented by 1. Also if reassigned contact was created today only then the old owner score gets decremented by 1.

  • At midnight, all user scores get reset to 0.

  • Go to Settings -> Manage users -> User scores , there is an option to reset user scores to 0.

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