Sync mails

  • neetoCRM now has the option to connect your Google account and sync emails from your Gmail.

  • Go to Settings -> General -> Sync emails, you can connect your Google account. Make sure to give the required permissions for accessing your emails. Once your account is connected, we sync our previous 3 months emails and then you can access all those emails in neetoCRM.

  • Go to Mails tab on sidebar, apart from smart mails, there are 3 additional options that are related to your synced emails.

    • Synced emails: Gmail incoming mails

    • Sent: Gmail sent emails

    • Draft: Gmail draft emails

  • When the account is disconnected then sync mails are not visible in neetoCRM.

  • If your account is disconnected for a month then we destroy all your sync mails from neetoCRM database.

  • You can attach a lead/deal to your sync mail. Learn more about creating a lead/deal form sync mail.

  • Deleting a sync email will delete the email from Gmail too.

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